Southern heat is no joke. Here at Relief Windows, we serve south Louisiana, southern Mississippi, and east Texas. These areas all have good food, friendly people, and… really hot weather. That’s why we’re the window company that keeps you cool and improves your home’s energy efficiency. 

Energy Efficiency In Your Home 

We’ll start by explaining what we mean by energy efficiency. Everyone needs a break from all of that aforementioned Southern heat. To escape it, we head inside to our cool, air-conditioned homes. But we’re no strangers to the higher energy bills in the summer months and the windows in your home could be causing you to spend more than you need to. The sun’s rays penetrating your home through your windows can cause it to heat up, in turn, you turn the air conditioner up and this, of course, leads to higher energy bills. The extra light can also fade your floors, furniture, and décor, which all add up to money literally going out your window.

The Sun’s Rays Through Your Windows

To recreate the effects of the sun’s rays in your homes, we used a heat lamp demonstration kit.  In this experiment, the heat lamp replicates the heat transference into your home caused by the sun. Different types of windows allow varying amounts of the sun’s heat to enter your home. When it comes to heat transference, we considered the different types of windows commonly found in homes: 

  • The majority of houses have traditional, standard, single-pane glass windows.  Unfortunately, since they’re just a single pane of glass, they offer no thermal protection.  
  • In some homes, you’ll see clear, double-pane glass in the windows. Compared to the single-pane, the two layers of glass give you a little bit better insulation. However, they still let in some of the sun’s heat (and therefore cost you more money cooling your home).
  • Adding insulation to your double-pane windows can make them more efficient. The tint can decrease the heat transference to keep your home cooler. But aesthetically, it could decrease your curb appeal. 
  • Energy Star-Rated Windows also feature two panes of glass. But instead of tinted insulation, it comes standard with a low-heat coating. Additionally, argon gas fills in between those two panes. Argon is non-toxic, dense, and invisible. It can insulate your home—from the heat AND the cold—and increase its efficiency while still looking beautiful. Watch this video to see its benefits for yourself! 

The Windows Company Dedicated To Your Efficiency

Are you ready to learn more about how to make your home more efficient? Get in touch with us! We’ll start with a home visit consultation for you to look over your options. In addition to our energy-efficient windows, we also offer doors and siding. We look forward to the opportunity to help prepare your home for the summer.