Get Yourself Prepared For Storm Season!

In August, we’re in the thick of storm season in the south. Two years after Hurricane Harvey devastated Southwest Texas and three years after flooding in South Louisiana, the memories are still fresh of the devastation, leaving everyone a bit anxious when a storm develops in the Gulf. There’s only so much you can do […]

The Windows New Orleans Architecture Loves

If America is a melting pot, New Orleans’ culture is undoubtedly the most flavorful gumbo pot. This delicious blend is showcased in our food, music, and even our architecture every single day. Walking down any Big Easy street will usually reward you with a rich—and often colorful—visual display.  Since eyes are the windows to the […]

Stylish, Practical Wood Windows In New Orleans

Why Choose Wood Windows In New Orleans? When choosing the perfect window for your home, it is important to consider factors such as their strength, longevity, and energy-efficiency. Wood windows have a classic look that can go with many types of architecture. However, some homeowners worry about the maintenance of wood and ask the following questions:  Will it rot?  Will […]