If America is a melting pot, New Orleans’ culture is undoubtedly the most flavorful gumbo pot. This delicious blend is showcased in our food, music, and even our architecture every single day. Walking down any Big Easy street will usually reward you with a rich—and often colorful—visual display

Since eyes are the windows to the soul, use yours to discover some of the most iconic New Orleans-style houses and their windows with the professionals at Relief Windows. Just like beignets and jazz, they’re part of the city’s famous soul. 

The Beautiful Houses In New Orleans

In New Orleans, homes and buildings mix Spanish, French, Caribbean, and American designs. But what are the most common types you might encounter while strolling around the Big Easy? You might be surprised.   

  • Creole Cottages: Blending both Caribbean and French design, Creole cottages are one-story, pitched-roofed, and sit close to the street. 
  • American Townhouses: Featuring iconic wrought-iron balconies, American townhouses are three stories with asymmetric windows. 
  • Double Gallery Houses: “Gallery” is a fancy word for balcony, and these homes feature one on both of their two levels—often supported by majestic columns. 
  • Raised Center-Hall Cottages: We all know New Orleans is below sea level. Raised center-hall cottages and their first-story “basements” are the answer to potential floods. 
  • Shotgun Houses: Long, narrow, and single-story, shotgun houses are New Orleans icons. Many locals remodel theirs with stunning (and more livable) results. 

The Types Of Windows New Orleans Needs

Wood windows are a great choice to keep your Crescent City home’s unique charm. Their ageless look seamlessly blends into any architectural style. Another perk of wood? They can be painted any color—a handy feature in these colorful neighborhoods. Walking past a row of candy-colored cottages and palm trees might make you double-check you’re not actually in Havana or Santo Domingo. Of course, classic white or natural wood is always an option—your curb appeal will be on point no matter the shade. 

Many a New Orleans home features shutters alongside their windows. They certainly add some visual charm but also can offer defense from storms. However, upgrading the windows themselves can add even more protection during hurricane season. Speaking of weather, energy efficiency is also vital in this hot and humid climate. Keep your expensive air conditioning INSIDE your home. 

Additionally, the right windows can help in decreasing the amount of outside noise seeping into your home. This being New Orleans, you never know when there will be a second line parading down your street! So keep the party outside with the right noise-reducing windows. In short, investing in windows is investing in your home. You want to do more than increase your curb appeal—you want to increase your home’s value. 

The Windows In New Orleans Needs Some Relief!

Whether you live in a double shotgun off Magazine or a new build in Lakeview, Relief Windows can identify, install, and maintain the perfect windows for your home. Contact us to get begin replacing your windowsdoors, or siding today. Reach us in New Orleans at 504-338-1516 and talk to a representative. Let us help you maintain your home’s heart, soul, and value.