Do you wonder what your front door says about your home? From the look of your door to its design and the protection it provides, it’s telling others more than you might realize. Over time, doors can become damaged, tricky, and just plain dated. And, because these issues can creep up gradually, you may not realize how much of an impact they’re having on your home. This is why it’s important to look for some of the tell-tale signs that indicate when it’s time for replacement doors. If you believe your front door may have seen better days, explore three of the common signs that let you know it’s time for an upgrade.

1. Sticky, Tricky Doors

This is an issue that can turn up slowly enough that you might not notice until it gets really bad. However, opening and closing your front door should never be a struggle. This can be an indication that the wood has warped and the door no longer fits in the frame as intended. 

There shouldn’t be a trick to turning the handle, lifting the door, or any other workarounds to get it to close properly. Have you experienced any of these problems? If so, professionally installed replacement doors from Relief Windows could provide just the solution you’re looking for. For example, our wood entry doors feature an advanced sill design that keeps water out and is resistant to rotting, warping, and deterioration.

2. Damaged Surfaces

A door that’s showing obvious signs of damage can seriously detract from the beauty of your home. Nicks, chipped paint, rust, and gouges can all stick out and have a major impact on your door’s appearance. Whether it’s your neighbors, guests, or passersby, it’s natural to want a home that impresses all who see it. And a part of the home that’s as front-and-center as the main entry door can change how others view the house as a whole. 

Replacement doors can transform the appearance of a home, revitalizing its look and appeal. Feeling embarrassed about marks, wear and tear, and missing paint can become a thing of the past. Relief Windows provides doors that are built to last without rotting, warping, or sticking. So you can have peace of mind knowing that the beautiful doors we install will remain beautiful for a long time to come.

3. Your Locks Are Lacking

Aside from looking beautiful, one of the most important jobs of a front door is to keep those inside safe. Unfortunately, many doors with older or less safety-conscious designs may not be up to the task. However, our replacement doors are designed with your family’s security in mind. Multipoint locking systems come standard with our wood doors. This adds additional layers of protection between you and whatever may be on the other side of your door. 

Our doors are made of strong, durable materials. And, because they are specially designed to protect against rot and termites, they maintain their sturdiness over time. Paired with our Vinyl Storm Impact Windows, they offer the ultimate in home protection.

Ready to Experience the Benefits of Replacement Doors in Your Home?

If you’ve noticed any of the signs that indicate it’s time for replacement doors, we’re here to help. Let the professionals at Relief Windows deliver the stellar service and gorgeous replacement doors you deserve. Call 225-288-8138 or contact us online to schedule a free consultation. Beauty, protection, longevity, and more—get replacement doors that set your home apart with Relief Windows.