As a homeowner, it’s natural to want to bring the most out of your home. Creating a beautiful and welcoming environment can delight guests and make your time spent indoors even more enjoyable. The right improvements can provide potentially life-changing, value-enhancing benefits — and this is especially true when it comes to your windows. From energy efficiency to strength, lasting beauty, and curb appeal, replacement windows can create a world of difference for New Orleans homes. And, if you’ve considered selling your home somewhere down the line, it’s an investment that can be attractive to potential buyers. Learn more about the high-quality replacement windows Relief Windows provides for New Orleans homes.

Delivering the Advantages of Modern Technology

Have you seen your energy bills skyrocket over the past summer? You’re not alone. Homeowners across the country were hit with some of the highest energy bills on record in 2022. Unfortunately, these price hikes show no signs of slowing or reversing any time soon. 

If your home has older windows installed, they could be a source of energy waste. When windows are not properly sealed, or if their integrity degrades over time, inside air can escape and outside air can enter. This makes your thermostat work harder, producing more cold air to cool the home and offset warm air coming in. This constant struggle between your home cooling system and the outside air ultimately increases energy usage.

However, choosing replacement windows for your New Orleans home from Relief can keep heat and UV rays outside where they belong. In this demonstration video, we use a heat lamp to measure the effectiveness of our Low E Coated windows. Standard single-pane windows offer little to no protection against heat transference. And standard double-pane windows provide very little additional protection by comparison. 

However, our Low-E Coated windows can block approximately 80% of heat transference. And our Low E Dual-Coat windows take that protection even further, dropping from 55 BTUs of standard single-pane penetration to a mere 2 BTUs. In addition to keeping the home cooler, this technology can also prevent the sun fade that can happen to furniture and flooring over time.

Taking Curb Appeal to New Heights

Replacement windows can also enhance the beauty of your New Orleans home. Relief Windows provides a multitude of customization options to deliver the exact look and features you’ve been searching for. In terms of curb appeal, our Auralast Wood by Jen Weld windows combine the beauty of natural wood with the benefits of modern technology. And our Storm Impact Windows look gorgeous and offer some of the most effective protection available. These value-adding features can impress guests and potential buyers if you eventually decide to put your home on the market.

Considering Replacement Windows for Your New Orleans Home?

If you’ve been researching replacement windows for your New Orleans home, get in touch with the professionals at Relief. Contact us online or call 504-338-1516 to learn more about our services and products. Make an investment in your home that can deliver lasting value with replacement windows from Relief.