The first of June marks the beginning of hurricane season. When the June heat arrives, we also start to see named storm systems begin to rear their ugly heads. And as these storms make their way into the Gulf of Mexico, they can develop into devastating hurricanes. Are your home’s windows strong enough to stand up to what may be coming? Let Relief Windows help you improve your New Orleans home’s protection with Impact Resistant replacement windows. We offer a wide selection of windows with the strength to give you peace of mind and customization options to make your home even more beautiful. Learn more about our Impact Resistant replacement windows to see some of the excellent benefits they could bring to your home. 

Debunking The Taped-Windows Myth

If you’ve been in New Orleans during a hurricane, there’s a good chance that you’ve seen people try to secure their home’s windows with tape. Unfortunately, the myth that tape can make windows safer in the event of a storm still persists. The reality is that this practice can actually make a home less safe. It can keep the glass from shattering into smaller pieces, which creates larger and more dangerous pieces of glass from a broken window. Additionally, it can also cause some people to have a false sense of security if they assume the tape will protect them from broken glass. This, in turn, can cause them to stay closer to the windows than they should, leading to potential injuries.

Layers Of Protection

Sadly, many people don’t realize that there are safer, much more effective ways to protect their homes during severe weather. Our Impact Force 5500 replacement windows can add layers of protection to New Orleans homes—literally. The frame system, laminated glass, and sealant all work together for enhanced security and safety. Our Impact Force 5500 windows feature a heavy-duty 3 ½” frame and a 1” thick glass unit made of dual-pane, impact-resistant laminated glass. The construction of these windows uses the same reinforcement technology that protects aircraft from debris at high speeds. And it could be the factor that makes a difference during a hurricane.

During a severe storm, wind can enter a home through a broken window, increase the air pressure, and create a vacuum effect. In turn, this can lift the roof of a home or lead to walls collapsing. However, Impact Resistant windows are reinforced to prevent exactly this kind of catastrophic damage. They can stand up to a fastball pitch from an MLB star, even staying strong after repeated baseball bat swings! 

Get Professionally Installed Impact Resistant Replacement Windows For Your New Orleans Home

Ready to enhance your home’s protection with our Impact Resistant windows? Call our New Orleans office at 504-338-1516 or contact us online to get started. Our windows are made to order, so you can find the look you want to complement your home’s style. And we offer free consultations and are happy to answer any questions you may have. Don’t wait, get better protection with Impact Resistant windows today!