Winter is officially on the way. And if your windows aren’t up to the task, that means chills, drafts, and higher energy costs. Add to that the potential security risks and noise permeation of older and low-quality windows, and it’s easy to see why window replacement is a priority. Find out how window replacements from Relief Windows can improve your Metairie home or building.

Weather Makes Replacement Windows A Must In Metairie

You may not always know when it’s time to replace your windows, but you’ll feel it. Whether it’s the increased heat or chill invading your home or the rising costs of your energy bill, outdated windows take their toll. According to, heat gain and loss through windows is responsible for 25 to 30 percent of residential heating and cooling use. But our customers have reported energy bills falling from $350 to $200 a month after having their windows replaced by our skilled team members. They’re energy-efficient and custom built to your home’s exact specifications.

Increased Protection

Whether it’s storm season or a bad football pass from the yard, the 0.9-inch-thick single-pane windows in many homes can’t take the pressure. Our durable, impact-resistant windows can give you the peace of mind that comes with a full inch of protection. They feature triple-layered material that can stand up to hurricane-force winds and crowbar swings. This means you can rest easier in your home knowing your windows are secure.

Adding Value To Your Home

Our beautifully crafted replacement windows can also increase your property value. Find your current windows lacking? New windows can deliver the visual upgrade you’ve been looking for while also adding to your property value! Our Jeld-Wen windows combine the beauty of authentic wood windows with the durability of Auralast wood-sealing technology. And they come with a 20-year general warranty, letting you enhance your home’s look with confidence.

How To Know When It’s Time For Replacement Windows

Whether you’re experiencing issues with your current windows or just looking for something better, there are plenty of good reasons to replace your windows. But if you’re undecided, here are a few tell-tale signs to help you know when it’s time.

  • Trouble Closing and Opening. Shutting your window shouldn’t be a struggle. If you can’t operate your window as easily as you used to, it’s time to consider a replacement.
  • Condensation. When the seal between dual window panes cracks, you’ll start to see moisture building up on the inside and outside of your window. Once this happens, it’s time to reach out to a trusted window company.
  • Increased Energy Costs. If your windows aren’t insulating your home properly, it means more warm air entering your home in the summer and more cold air entering in the winter. This results in higher energy bills and poor temperature control.
  • Damaged Frames. This issue isn’t just unsightly: it can also lead to problems inside your home. Window frames can lose their integrity over time, resulting in everything from drafts to rot and even mold. Damaged frames are a sure sign that it’s time to schedule a replacement.

Let Us Replace Your Windows Today

If your windows are causing you problems, or if you’re looking for a way to give your home extra curb appeal, the Relief Windows team can make it happen. For replacement windows in Metairie, call our New Orleans office at 504-338-1516 or visit our contact page for a free consultation. Beauty, endurance, and energy efficiency: whatever you need from your replacement windows, Relief Windows has your home covered.