When buying new windows, you want to make sure they are perfect—and so do we! After all, you want them to last for years to come. A big part of replacing windows is measuring. In this video on our YouTube channel, our team demonstrates how we ensure your replacement windows fit perfectly. Your new windows don’t have to look like obvious replacements. We take great care to produce a result that appears like a natural part of your home. Learn more about how we provide the replacement windows New Orleans loves.

Planning And Precision

Installation begins with proper planning and precision. Our goal is to ensure your windows look and fit seamlessly into your home. No matter the size or type, we start by taking exterior measurements of both the width and height. For any Relief Windows install, we always measure twice and manufacture once. In fact, we measure multiple times! Typically, we measure in three spots. That’s the bottom, the middle, and the top of the width. And for the height, we measure the right, center, and left. Once we have those three numbers, we take the smallest measurement and subtract a quarter-inch. That extra space gives us enough room to adjust the window once it’s installed. 

A Focus On Aesthetics 

Our goal is always to make sure the window aesthetically blends into the home. The exact process can differ slightly, depending on the type of exterior wall material. When it comes to replacement windows, we use different techniques for stucco, brick, and siding. 

  • For example, we use an interior cut back technique on stucco walls. Some companies do an inside measure, and then they trim the exterior. However, that can make the window look much bigger than it should be. So, for these types of windows, we use a J-channel lip. That gives it a clean finish and makes it look more original to the home.
  • For an aluminum frame inside of a brick opening, we do a brick-to-brick measurement. We use the same process of taking three different measurements and taking a quarter of an inch off with the smallest. Sometimes with these openings, the bricks will cut in and out, so we have to take into consideration that some bricks aren’t lying completely flat. 

Once we remove the window and its frame, we cut the drywall back about an inch. That allows us to set our replacement when we draw our lines. Then, we use a hand hacksaw and a vacuum to cut the drywall. Our process lets the opening accept the new window while looking like an original window. 

The Replacement Windows New Orleans Loves

You can count on Relief Windows for experienced quality and service. You can also count on us to install windows that look great! Are you ready to start replacing your windows? Give our New Orleans office a call at 504-338-1516 or contact us online. We also have Louisiana locations in Baton RougeLakes CharlesSlidell, and Hammond. Texans can also find us in Beaumont and Houston. We’re looking forward to helping you with your replacement windows.