Why Replace Your Doors?

Sure, our name might be Relief Windows, but we do doors too! You know you need to replace windows after damage or to update them. But what about your doors? Here are just four reasons to consider replacement doors in Baton Rouge, or anywhere you live: 

  • To Be More Energy Efficient. We talk about energy-efficient windows all the time. However, your doors can significantly impact your utility costs as well. 
  • To Have Improved Security. Your doors should be able to withstand the weather as well as intruders. For added peace of mind, 
  • To Upgrade To More Durable Materials. Composite doors look like wood, but they resist moisture, insects, and rot. Choose a door that will stand the test of time! 
  • To Embrace A New, Versatile Design. Your doors—especially your front door—have a HUGE impact on your home’s curb appeal. If you’re in the process of updating your home’s, don’t forget about your door! 

Customized, Composite Replacement Doors

Every homeowner is different, so every home is different. Therefore, every exterior door needs to meet those specific needs. Each of our Wincore Entry Doors is custom-created to fit your space and match your preferences. Choose from multiple texture, color, and stain options. Hand-made, artistically designed glass panels are also available. Then, customize your entryway even more by selecting knobs, kick plates, mail slots, and even doggy doors. Electronic locksets are also available for modern convenience. 

Your Window And Door Replacement Process

Our customers’ satisfaction is our first priority at Relief Windows. At every step of the process, we look for customer feedback and aim to keep you completely informed. In general, this is what you can expect when you partner with Relief Windows. 

  • Start by scheduling a free consultation with us. After you do this, a member of our sales team will come to you with options and samples. At the same meeting, we give you a price for your project so you can make your decision.
  • Once you decide to partner with us, we’ll take measurements for your project. We send a team member to measure your space for whatever project you need. Then, we send those measurements to our manufacturer to custom-build your project. 
  • Once we’ve finished, We clean our workspace before we leave. Relief Windows believes it’s only polite to leave a space cleaner than when you found it. We clean, vacuum, and haul away any debris from the space.
  • You don’t pay us until the job is finished to your satisfaction. Additionally, we offer a warranty on all of our products. 

Replacement Doors From Baton Rouge To Houston