Do You Need Replacement Windows? 

How do you know if your windows need replacing? If your home is newer, windows might not be much of a concern. But it’s definitely worth looking into if your home is older. Ask yourself the below questions. If you answer “yes” to any of them, it’s time to contact the window professionals at Relief Windows

Are your current windows costing you money?

Sure, replacement windows can seem like a big expense, but they’re actually an investment. Inefficient, poorly fitting windows can cost you money in higher utility bills. They not only might be letting out your expensive heating or cooling. But inefficient windows might also be letting in too much of the sun’s heat. Here in Louisiana, we literally can’t afford things to be any hotter. It’s warm enough during summer in the Bayou State. Don’t make it even worse inside your home with energy-inefficient windows.  

In fact, the U.S. Department of Energy reports this window energy waste is responsible for 25% to 30% of your heater and air conditioning use! Our energy bills are already high enough. Don’t let your windows make them even higher. Over the years, that money really adds up. Make your home more comfortable and your utility bills more manageable. Upgrade to Relief’s energy-efficient windows.    

Are your current windows too weak? 

When it comes to intruders or harsh weather, your windows are the weakest point in your home. Are they strong enough to withstand a determined burglar? Can they hold up to the flying branches hurricane season almost always brings? If not, then the answer is Relief Windows’ durable, impact-resistant windows. At a full inch thick, they can withstand hurricane-force winds. Additionally, they can hold up against baseballs thrown by MLB pitchers

Are your current windows just plain ugly? 

Curb appeal matters. Remember how we said replacement windows were an investment? New windows could make a massive difference to your bottom line when it comes time to move or sell your home. Are you certain this house is your forever home? Then new windows could make your house more attractive to visitors and neighbors. 

Your windows are a big part of the first impression your home makes. Make them something you’re proud of! There are more options than ever. A new style or material could make all the difference in your home’s exterior aesthetic. Schedule a free consultation with the windows experts at Relief. We can go over your options and discover which options might look best in your home.

Ready For Some Relief? 

Is your priority the relief you can find indoors from Louisiana’s hot summer? Or maybe relief for you is in the peace of mind the impact-windows can give in protection. However you want to find relief in your windows, Relief Windows is here to help. We serve nearly all of South Louisiana—from Slidell to Lake Charles. You can also find us in Texas at our locations in Houston and Beaumont. Find the location nearest you and give us a call or contact us online. We’re ready to help you find relief with new replacement windows.