Light isn’t the only element your windows can let into your home. If your windows are old or damaged, hot air can seep inside during the summer, and cool, refreshing air can escape. This may result in your air conditioner working much harder than it should to maintain a comfortable temperature inside your house. And this can also drive up the cost of your monthly energy bill. If you are searching for quality construction, products, and service that will help you save on energy costs, choose a window company in Hattiesburg that you can trust! With energy-efficient selections from Relief Windows, you can discover windows that are as high-performing as they are stylish. Here are four styles to consider for optimal energy efficiency.

1. EcoSafe 1100 

The EcoSafe 1100 series of windows delivers high quality without a high price tag. These window frames are designed for strength and durability with strongly welded sashes, a sloped sill, and multiple weather seals. Together, these features keep rain from pooling at the base of your windows, reduce draftiness, and prevent water or cold air from seeping into your home. 

This dual-pane window is available with ¾” insulated glass, plus Low-E glass and an argon gas fill. Low-E (low-emissivity) glass reduces the infrared and ultraviolet rays of light that penetrate your window. And with the addition of argon gas, which has a higher density than air, this provides even more thermal insulation for additional energy efficiency.

Our EcoSafe 1100 windows are available in six exterior vinyl color options: white, tan, clay, black, bronze, and brown. Choose from four interior grid colors and three metal options for locks and you’re sure to find the perfect combination for your taste. Consult with our window company in Hattiesburg to discover your full range of options!

2. Dual Performance 2200

Our Dual Performance 2200 line of windows seamlessly blends eye-catching details with top-of-the-line performance. With strong, rigid frames, a tight weatherproof seal, and double-strength insulating glass for energy efficiency, these windows help keep weather elements out and your regulated temperature in All of our Dual Performance 2200 windows come with Low-E glass and argon gas insulation for impeccable energy efficiency.

These windows are available in 13 different styles to fit the aesthetic of your home. Choose from double-hung, bay windows, casement windows, and more to find the right options to complement the style of your home. These windows are also available in a variety of interior grid colors, wood grains, exterior vinyl colors, lock colors, and glass styles offering a wide range of customization.

3. Triple Coverage 3300

For top-tier energy efficiency from Relief Windows, look no further than the Triple Coverage 3300. When it comes to strength, these windows protect your home with three panes of double-strength glass. And with a low-emissivity coating and pre-desiccated structural foam spacers, these windows offer the highest protection against energy loss. These features help maintain your indoor temperature while blocking outdoor temperatures from making their way inside.

Like our Dual Performance 2200 line, these windows come in our full range of interior and exterior color options. And you can choose from 12 window styles, three glass options, and several other customization options to find the perfect windows for your home. 

4. Impact Force 5500

For those of us who live in coastal areas, we understand the impact that volatile weather can have. From hurricane-force winds to hail and debris, it is important that our windows are weather resistant and meet coastal building codes. Our Impact Force 5500 windows are our top recommendation for windows that can withstand severe weather.

These laminated glass windows feature a plastic interlayer between two pieces of glass. This is then heated and compressed. The panes are also laminated for additional protection and force resistance. Together, these features help to block damaging solar rays, reduce noise, and reduce impact from forced entry attempts or flying debris.

Get in Touch With Our Window Company in Hattiesburg For Energy Efficient Windows

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