When it comes to big decisions about your home, it can easily become overwhelming. How do you decide where to start? You might begin with considering curb appeal, energy efficiency, longevity, or all three. Upgrading your windows addresses all of these concerns. But before you invest in new window installation, you’ll want to consider the following details.

The Features And Benefits Of Upgraded Windows

New windows not only make the exterior of your home more attractive—they can make your home safer, quieter, and more energy-efficient. When moving forward into window installation, you should first consider your priorities. Below are some qualities and resources to consider while choosing new windows. Note that these are not mutually exclusive, and there are window options that can cover multiple benefits.

  • Impact Windows: Laminated glass is double-strength and can help protect against forced entry, bad weather, and even UV rays. Particularly strong windows can also stand against hurricane force winds—and in Baton Rouge and the rest of south Louisiana, that is often a concern. Impact Windows also help reduce noise to keep your home quieter as well as safer and can withstand the neighbor boy’s soccer ball as well as potential ne’er-do-wells.
  • Security: Windows are often the most accessible entry point for those looking to do damage to your home and family. But who wants a house without any windows? Thankfully there are choices you can make to increase the safety and security of your home. For example, vinyl windows can deter burglars with a vent latch to prevent them from being opened past a certain point. Combined with impact-resistance, your home’s weakest points will be reinforced as much as possible.
  • Wood Windows: Wood windows are arguably the most classic-looking and beautiful but also potentially the most high maintenance. Our specially treated wood window frames can prevent damage from rot, water damage, and termites. Using Auralast technology, sealant isn’t just dripped on, but permeates to the core promising years of protection against rot and insect damage and delivering long-lasting, natural beauty that can complement many styles of homes.

The Importance Of Installation

No matter how great the windows, they’re only efficient at protecting your home if installed correctly. The Relief Windows experts will ensure they look and function to their optimal potential. Without a doubt, you want to research your contractor to find one that has what you want, need, and deserve. Ask your neighbors for recommendations, look online for reviews, call up the Better Business Bureau. Decisions this important should be made thoroughly.

Rely On Relief Windows For Quality Windows And Expert Installation In Baton Rouge And The Surrounding Areas

While you’re doing your research, put Relief Windows on your list. The experienced professionals at Relief Windows provide window installation to Baton Rouge area homeowners. We also service southeast Texas, south Louisiana, and Mississippi.

You can also rely on Relief Windows for doors and siding—but we love to say our No. 1 product is customer satisfaction. To get started or ask some questions, give us a call at our Baton Rouge office at 225-288-8138. Additionally, you can contact us online. Wherever you are, whatever your needs, you can trust our experience, quality, and service for your home.