When Hurricane Ida rapidly developed into a Category 4 storm late last August, it left the Gulf South with little time to prepare. In fact, it gained strength so quickly that New Orleans Mayor LaToya Cantrell announced that there was not enough time to set up contraflow traffic. This, in turn, made it impossible to issue a mandatory evacuation in the city. After seeing firsthand the devastation of the storm in certain areas, it makes sense to want to prepare as much as possible for the next big storm. And, one of the best ways to safeguard your Louisiana home from storms is with windows designed to protect against a hurricane. Learn about some of the myths surrounding windows and hurricane safety. And find out how reinforced windows from Relief Windows can enhance the safety of your home.

Window Myths

Cracked Windows Can Equalize Air Pressure

When a big storm is coming in and it’s time to make preparations, many people may take actions that don’t make a lot of sense. It may be because they saw family members do it in the past or see neighbors doing it right before the storm. But, many common hurricane “prep” ideas don’t prep your home at all. In fact, they can ultimately make a home less safe.

For example, have you heard that cracking open windows can relieve pressure in a home during strong winds? This myth is not just false—it can also be pretty dangerous. Instead of equalizing pressure, this can build wind pressure, directing it toward the roof. If the wind compromises the roof, it can compromise the entire structure. Unfortunately, even if you don’t intentionally crack your windows, this can still occur if they break. And when this happens, it can have the same consequences. However, if you have your Impact Windows professionally installed by us, it can provide a sturdy layer of protection. Our Hurricane-Force Storm Windows can withstand hurricane-force winds and flying debris, keeping your Louisiana home safer.

Taping Glass Can Keep It From Breaking

This myth has persisted for a long, long time. To this day, it isn’t uncommon to see someone applying duct tape to their windows in an X pattern when a big storm is rolling in. Some people believe that this reinforces windows, giving them added protection. In reality, it doesn’t have any real effect like that. If a window breaks, the tape can keep the shards together in larger pieces. But, this can actually prove to do more harm than good. If the window breaks and large pieces of glass are held together by tape, storm force winds can make them deadly. 

Instead of relying on fragile windows held together with duct tape, enjoy the enhanced protection of strong, durable windows from us. Our Hurricane Storm-Force Windows are an entire inch thick compared to the much thinner 0.09 inches of typical glass windows. These are the same windows used in aircraft and car windshields. And, they feature three layers of protection, offering a decisive advantage over the average window. 

Prepare Your Louisiana Home With Hurricane Storm-Force Windows

Now that you know about some of the popular myths surrounding windows and hurricanes in Louisiana, consider real solutions from Relief Windows. Our technicians are trained to install these windows effectively, maximizing your home’s protection. Simply give us a call at 225-288-8138 or contact us online. Get started today and experience a new level of protection with Impact Windows!