Being based in the Gulf South, the team at Relief Windows understands the stress that storms and hurricanes bring every summer and early fall. As a home services company, we want to do all we can to help our clients. You’ve got enough to worry about without the worry of whether your windows can handle an incoming storm and choosing our impact-resistant storm windows can be one less thing on your to-worry list.

Impact-Resistant To Impacts—And To Weather

We often talk about how our windows are strong enough to stand up to different types of impacts, including balls thrown by major leaguers. Why is impact resistance so important? Ryan Theriot’s arm strength aside, the additional strength of impact resistant glass can add to your peace of mind during South Louisiana storms.

We aren’t just bragging about durable or tough windows, our Impact Force series can resist hurricane-force winds, saving you from worry. But, they also save you real money, in addition to being impact resistant, they are also energy efficient reducing your heating and cooling costs.

Our Impact Force 5500 series windows are not only thicker than most windows, but with two panes of glass reinforced with a laminate layer between them, you will get similar protection to that of an aircraft windshield.

Worsening Hurricane Seasons—Are Your Windows Ready?

Hurricane seasons have been getting more and more active over the last couple of decades. It’s unclear exactly why this is, though theories abound. What is clear is the impact this has on homes in the Gulf Coast region is a negative one. 

2020 was predicted to be one of the worst hurricane seasons in decades, which has turned out to be the case. The damage to homes from Texas to Florida has been incalculable. Each storm wracks up estimated damages, and this is just the amount we can see.

Buying impact-resistant windows is no longer a gamble—it’s more like insurance. A storm will impact you at some point, why not make a small investment in your home to ensure you do not have to deal with a broken window, wet floor, or extensive water damage?

More Than Just Hurricane Protection—Windows For All Weather

Hurricanes aren’t the only type of storms that cause broken windows, of course. It’s common for non-named, non-tropical storms to do significant damage. That damage is less concentrated, but trees still topple over, branches still force through doors and windows, hail still falls.

Homeowners often call us looking for an energy efficient option to help conserve and keep their home more comfortable, with the addition of impact resistant windows, you can have the added comfort of security along with energy efficiency. 

It’s about making an impact by preventing impact. Or, at the least, resisting impact! If you’re interested in exploring impact-resistant windows, call us! We’re happy to talk through the details with you.