Once you’ve invested in wood windows, it’s important to maintain them. With proper care and attention, your new, high-quality windows will last for decades. Get tips from the window professionals at Relief Windows to keep your wood windows looking as elegant as the day you got them. 

Proper Cleaning For Your Wood Windows

Many homeowners opt for cleaning the exterior of their homes every so often, usually with the use of a pressure washer or a similar tool. While a quick spritz with the hose gets off thick layers of dirt, you’ll need to be more diligent with your wood windows. 

When it comes to the frame itself, use a soft bristle brush and a quart of warm water combined with a tablespoon of liquid detergent. This careful brushing ensures a thorough cleaning.

Cleaning your windows actually comes down to preference. Not every window is big enough for a squeegee, so what’s the next best thing? Well, there is one technique we suggest above the others. First, you’ll want to clean any visible dirt or grime off of your window. After, take a microfiber cloth and with your choice of vinegar solution or cleaner and move your arm like a snake across the glass. This technique ensures you’ll get as much space as possible and reduces the chance of streaking. 

But streaking is the least of your concerns it’s time for termite swarms.

Bug Off!

One of the biggest concerns we get for wood windows are the threat of Louisiana’s well-known termite swarms that are looking to take a bite out of your frames. There’s little need for concern with our windows because we use AuraLast® wood windows. These windows are treated to the core with a solution providing strength and protection. But it’s good to be prepared for small bugs with big determination. Diligence is key to a termite-free home.  

The first big hurdle is making sure any foliage is neat, trim, and away from your home—including firewood. It’s also imperative to have proper drainage. All that excess water is perfect breeding terrain for termites and other insects. 

While excess plants should be kept away from your home, there are some specific types of plants that keep the termites away. Growing plants like garlic, mint, or marigolds have your garden looking fresh while keeping the bugs at bay!

Interested In Wood Windows?

Wood windows bring beauty and tradition to any home. If you’re interested in getting wooden windows for yourself, feel free to contact any of our locations. Our professionals strive to bring you a window that protects and looks beautiful at the same time. Improve your home today with Relief Windows.