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0:00 Hi, I'm Gordy Rush and I’d like to talk about the transformation of my house, 0:04 many thanks to my friends at Relief Windows. 0:07 My wife and I bought a house back in 2011 0:11 that was a one owner house was actually built in 1979. 0:16 Got a chance to meet Brandon and the great people for Relief Windows. 0:21 And they came by and did a 0:25 full inspection, if you will, of my house and looked at all the windows and 0:30 talked about the things that they could do 0:32 and how we upgrade the value my house, 0:35 and how much cooler my house will be, and energy-efficient. 0:39 And then really was interesting in the back to my house 0:42 my sun room and so this was in addition to a brick house 0:47 that was done and it was aluminum and 0:50 there was some wear and tear and it was obvious to me 0:53 that it really wasn't holding up too well because 0:56 the outside sunroom obviously in the winter got really cold 1:00 because that wasn't doing a great job of keeping that room warm 1:04 and vice versa, in the summer that room was getting a little extra hot so 1:09 no doubt with the central air system going in there that you have to keep it 1:12 cooler 1:13 and Brandon i sat down and they basically said 1:17 this is what we can do were more than just windows we can totally 1:21 transform be outside in the Sun Room and I can tell you. 1:25 it's been unbelievable. They came by 1:29 at 7:30 in the morning, kids running around the house, 1:33 my wife was there, absolutely friendly people playing with the kids with the 1:37 dog with the cat they were fantastic 1:40 and they came by and they showed me the size my windows were this skinny 1:45 and i'm looking at these windows that they're bringing of the truck in there 1:49 this wide 1:50 I mean I went from like the double cheeseburger to the triple quarter 1:54 pounder of windows it was amazing 1:56 and are they spent the whole day there replaced all the windows on the exterior 2:01 and redid the sunroom the attention to detail was 2:06 Unbelievable. These folks you really do care 2:10 they were perfectionist they cared about obviously the work that they do 2:15 and probably more importantly just a little detail 2:18 at the end to the day after everything was done there wasn't a suspect 2:23 Dust to be found and around the house. They vacuumed 2:27 the cleaned, they wash fingerprints, it was 2:30 unbelievable to see the work that they did; not a nail 2:33 or any sort of screw to be found. I was blown away 2:37 at the attention to detail that these guys put in one putting those windows in. 2:42 I'll tell you this now that we've had Relief Windows put in, it looks amazing 2:45 I've here relatives friends come by they want information on it they asked me 2:51 how about your house and I'll tell you since we gotta put it in August 2:55 our house, we’re keeping two degrees cooler we usually would keep it about 72 3:00 it's now it's 74 and it stays cool so no doubt it's saving me energy. 3:05 I'll tell you about a sunroom is unbelievable we keep the door open now 3:10 that goes from the house to the sun room which we never did because the 3:13 temperature change 3:14 and the temperature inside the sunroom is the same 3:17 as inside our house. I would strongly recommend Relief Windows. 3:22 first-class organization, first-class products they take tremendous pride 3:28 in everything that they do and more importantly it's a local company right 3:32 here in Baton Rouge. 3:33 Why not do business with somebody local so thank you Relief Windows 3:36 for the great job done on my house.